Send us your waiata

How to submit music to Tahi

Email with the following:

  • A download link to the song as a .wav file (Dropbox is preferable, as is a clean version)
  • Song title and artist name
  • Details on when the track is being released – you can send before it comes out, we won’t play it until the release date.
  • Contacts for label/management/publicity if relevant, or name and contact details for best contact for the group/artist
  • Social links including Spotify for the artist

Other good stuff to send if you have it:

  • A short blurb about the track
  • An artist bio
  • Single artwork
  • A couple of photos
  • A bit of information on where the song fits within your broader plans – eg is there an EP or album coming, the first single of a series…

What happens next?

  • The music scheduler will listen to all submissions and come back to you if your track is playlisted, or if any more information is needed.
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